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Re: IRIX Partations with HardHat Linux

To: "Dag Bakke" <>
Subject: Re: IRIX Partations with HardHat Linux
From: Tom Woelfel <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 16:49:55 +0200
In-reply-to: <>
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Dag Bakke writes:
 > As I understand it, you only need to partition the disk with the SGI tools
 > (fx).
 > (If this is wrong, please feel free to correct me.)
 > Thus, you only need bootp and tftp to boot fx.


 > To boot fx on the Indy from the prom monitor (command monitor) enter:
 > setenv -p netaddr 123.456.789.123
 > boot -f bootp()remotemachine:/path/to/stand/fx.ARCS

After endeavouring with the bootp/tftp options for a couple of hours I
finally managed to get sash or fx loaded. But I've seen lot of
rejected requests during this session from the i386 server. But what's
the next step ? Do I have to change the bootfile-entry in bootptab to
point to the next requested file ? (Ooops, I'm at work - so I don't
have access to my Indy, but after partitioning the disk the Indy
requested something like sash(NN).)

I will try it once again and write down my experiences.


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