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RE: Booting an Indigo2

To: "'Andrew R. Baker'" <>
Subject: RE: Booting an Indigo2
From: Mike Hill <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 16:34:55 -0400
Therefore if I were to connect my Indy Linux drive internally in the
Indigo2, I might be able to boot the kernel locally?



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> Subject:      Re: Booting an Indigo2
> This is on my todo list.  The SCSI driver only detects one (the internal)
> controller.  This is fine and dandy on the Indy 'cause it only has one
> SCSI controller.  The Indigo2 has two, so the driver needs to be modified
> to detect (and access) the second one.  I plan on doing this as soon as I
> get my home box up and running.
> -Andrew

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