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Belated Feedback: HAL2

To: "'Ulf Carlsson'" <>
Subject: Belated Feedback: HAL2
From: Mike Hill <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 12:35:09 -0400
Hi Ulf,

This is only a month late, but the sound driver installation went without a
hitch, precisely according to your instructions.  I fired up the Indy last
night using the latest sound kernel and played an .mp3 file using mpg123.

One thing I noticed was the absence of the occasional skips I've experienced
in recent years playing CDs under IRIX 6.2.  I don't know if this can be
attributed to a larger OS or my '94-vintage single-speed SGI-enabled CD
drive, but it's not something I recall happening under IRIX 5.2.  (I guess
5.2 was less taxing on 32 M RAM.)

In an aside, Tux displays brilliantly at bootup on my 8-bit Newport.



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