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building an elf64 R10k kernel

To: Linux/SGI <>
Subject: building an elf64 R10k kernel
From: Charles Lepple <>
Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 03:33:52 +0000
Hey all,
Does anyone out there know any details on building elf64 objects? I was
all happy about seeing Andrew's Indigo2 patches, and decided that I
_had_ to try and make it work on an Indigo2 Impact 10000... Suffice it
to say that it isn't straightforward.

I first tried to get the machine to boot an elf32 kernel. That failed
miserably, since it doesn't recognize 32-bit ELF objects. Comparison of
sashARCS and sash64 indicated that I needed to use elf64. My first
inclination was to just try the same load address as the Indys and r4400
Indigo2s use. I can't remember the exact error message, but the PROM
basically panicked while loading the first word at 0x88002000 (or
wherever). So I tried using the 64 bit start address from sash64 (high
hex nibble is 0xa). Needless to say, the elf32 linker options conflicted
with that one, and the linker (from binutils-2.8.1 or so) seg faulted.

When I finally recompiled with -mips3 and with a revised linker script,
I noticed something curious. Instead of just truncating the 64-bit
addresses, it rounded them off to 0xffffffff. Any thoughts on this? Am I
approaching this wrong?

And does anyone have a semi-offical memory map for the R10k Indigo2s?

Charles Lepple
System Administrator, Virginia Tech EE Workstation Labs ||

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