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using ec3 on a Challenge S

To: "''" <>
Subject: using ec3 on a Challenge S
From: Chris Pezzee <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 10:07:50 -0700
The situation:
  I inherited 20+  SGI Challenge S machines that I would like to use for 
  web test clients and/or DIPC personal projects.  I would like to use
  the second Ethernet port (ec3 in Irix) for something other than dust
  collection.  I've read the list-archive, and there was a brief mention
  of adding some probing code to the driver but that was all.

What I'd like to know:
  Is anyone working on this right now?
  If not, I'd love to try to get this working, but I haven't done any driver
work before, 
  so where's a good place to start?

Also, is refusing http connections for me, 
is anyone else having a problem with this? 

Thanks for everything.
Chris Pezzee  
Work: (425-70)3-1616 <>

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