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Re: installation problem

To: Charles Lepple <>
Subject: Re: installation problem
From: "William J. Earl" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 18:20:04 -0700
Cc: Linux/SGI list <>
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Charles Lepple writes:
 > After successfully (though not uneventfully ;-) installing HardHat on an
 > Indy/r5k, I am now faced with the quandry of installing to another
 > nearly identical machine. The only difference is that the second
 > machine's IRIX partitions were blown away when I tried to use fdisk (no,
 > I didn't finish reading the installation instructions at this point...).
 > All of the SGI employees out there are probably saying, "Reinstall
 > IRIX", but (it's a long story) I'd rather do this the Linux way. Any
 > suggestions? I looked at the prom man page, and I can get the box to
 > boot the kernel with a 'setenv diskless y' and 'setenv OSLoader
 > /var/boot/vmlinux' (and then some... I'm not in front of the machine at
 > the moment). However, with the IRIX dhcp_bootp daemon, I can't seem to
 > set the suggested nfs root partition, and now that sash is gone, I can't
 > seem to get command line parameters to work anymore (vmlinux is the
 > OSLoader, and it's not doing the sash thing), and hence, the kernel
 > won't boot.


        boot -f bootp()boothost:vmlinux xxx yyy

where boothost is the host from which you want ot boot, and
xxx and yyy are your vmlinux options.  The "-f" avoids using OSLoader.

 > Also, on the working machine, is there a better way to boot it than
 > telling it to 'boot bootp():vmlinux' each time? Again, working with one
 > disk per machine, IRIX is gone (but I didn't blow sash away on this
 > one).

      You should be able to do something like:

        setenv -p OSLoadPartition bootp()
        setenv -p OSLoadFilename :vmlinux
        setenv -p OSLoadOptions auto
        setenv -p AutoLoad Y    

Without the system partition, you might be able to do

        setenv -p SystemPartition bootp()
        setenv -p OSLoader :vmlinux

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