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Re: Resources in X11 port

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Subject: Re: Resources in X11 port
From: Torbjorn Gannholm <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 11:39:08 +0200
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Alan Cox wrote:

> > > That doesn't prevent someone from providing a driver under a different
> > > license (very possibly including the XFree86 code under that license),
> > > but a driver not under an X license will not become part of XFree86.
> >
> > Fork time!
> That is a very good reason for not doing so

 A pity there isn't any really free X-code.
A pity too that so many apps depend on X.
How far could you go in making an X-compatible interface for another
window-handler? (like copyrightwise)
For most apps it might be enough (but a lot of work) to make some toolkits
work with another base.

There are certainly projects going on for other handlers, like GNUstep who
are doing DPS.
And I saw a reference to a german group who were doing something else.

But then again, what's to say that X will lock away ports, the way things are
going in other areas of development? I think there is more and more openness
coming all the time, and any closed-source code will eventually be overtaken
by open-source equivalents.

The GPL is a nice guarantee, though, if the FSF have resources to enforce

Just 2c´s.


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