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Resources in X11 port

To: Ulf Carlsson <>
Subject: Resources in X11 port
From: Theodoros Nikitopoulos <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 19:33:28 +0300
References: <> <>
Hello there,

I've just setup a web page containing helpfull resources I found in
the net, in concern of the X11 Linux/SGI port. Maybe you know about
it but well just in case.. :-)

Although an X11 port seems at first sight quite difficult--in case
someone has a valuable ammount of information about--it seems
to be quiete easy.

Unfortunately, I cannot personally offer any other help in due of a
project I have to work during the period April-June at INRIA. But
in any case drop me an e-mail for any progress !  I would be glad
to hear about it  :-)

The page is located at :


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