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Re: First Linux/SGI in India

To: Raj Mathur <>
Subject: Re: First Linux/SGI in India
From: Ulf Carlsson <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 12:23:57 +0200
In-reply-to: <>; from Raj Mathur on Tue, Apr 13, 1999 at 02:27:22PM +0530
References: <>
Hi Raj,

> So... Installation is quite simple if you know what you're doing (or
> can make inspired guesses).  I still miss X -- when is that out?  And
> if anyone wants any packages compiled/ported, let me know.  Xemacs
> would be first on my list, unless someone's already done that.

I haven't got X running yet, but I'm working on it. My first approach is to
get a simple shadowfb running. I will possibly get this running next weekend
with a fair amount of luck. I'll let the mailing list know when I have
something running.

I need to know how to do DMA transfers before i can archieve a reasonable
speed, unfortunately this is poorly documented. I'm waiting for Robert Tray to
come back from his vacation and tell me how to do it :-)


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