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Re: [Fwd: The Gospel of Tux (v1.0)]

Subject: Re: [Fwd: The Gospel of Tux (v1.0)]
From: Chad Campbell <>
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999 14:43:43 -0500
Organization: Innovision Corporation
References: <>
> worship with me, brothers and sisters!
All hail the froody Linus!

BTW - we just got 3 Indigo 2 boxes with Irix 6.5.  I'd really like to
get involved in any porting going on, but I need to know what types of
hard drives can be put in the boxes.  I have a couple of Seagate
ST32430WC drives that used to be in Sun boxes (SPARC 5 and Ultra 2). 
Does anyone know if these will work in an SGI box?



Chad Campbell
Software Engineer, Innovision Corporation

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