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Re: Re: Port to R3000 Indigo

Subject: Re: Re: Port to R3000 Indigo
From: Theodoros Nikitopoulos <>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 03:45:38 +0200
References: <> <9903261648250V.04692@vulture>
tom wrote:

> And I know a group at KSC that's getting rid of a bunch of O2s.  We'd love to
> grab them and make a nice little Beowulf cluster out of them :-).
> Unfortunately, we don't have the time at work to do a port :-(
> On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Jeremy Parsons wrote:
> ? I think it would be very relevant.  My company recently sold around 30
> ? of the R3000 Indigo's.  Just about every person who bought one of these
> ? was interested in the SGI/Linux project and wanted to know if they would
> ? some day be able to run Linux on it.
> ?
> ? Jeremy Parsons
> --

I have a feeling that someone hasn't any chance to port Linux in the O2 or
Indigo2 platform unless Sillicon Graphics wants too. In other words, by
giving a great deal of information in public for building the appropriate
drivers. Am I wrong about it ?

By the way, SGI has officialy report to support Linux on visual
workstations. Any ideas if they will also transfer the desktop enviroment
commonly used in IRIX ? This seems to me very likely, in regards of
providing a common user interface both in IRIX based systems and Linux
based systems provided by SGI. That could be a great benefeat of the Linux

Personally I haven't find any Linux user interface more nicely crafted
than SGI's 4DWM.

Theodore .

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