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Re: Port to R3000 Indigo

To: Ariel Faigon <>
Subject: Re: Port to R3000 Indigo
From: root <>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 23:15:09 +0000
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Ariel Faigon wrote:

> As Linus use to say: talk is cheap, show me the code... ;-)

As always!

> It won't happen by itself, only if someone devotes serious
> time to it.  My personal feeling is that Linux on R3000
> will not happen (there are cheaper and faster old pentium 90's
> out there) but if someone builds it... I've been wrong before.

Are you saying that the effort necessary to port Linux to R3000 Indigo would be
better placed elsewhere?

> :
> :And I know a group at KSC that's getting rid of a bunch of O2s.  We'd love to
> :grab them and make a nice little Beowulf cluster out of them :-).
> :Unfortunately, we don't have the time at work to do a port :-(
> :
> :> I think it would be very relevant.  My company recently sold around 30
> :> of the R3000 Indigo's.  Just about every person who bought one of these
> :> was interested in the SGI/Linux project and wanted to know if they would
> :> some day be able to run Linux on it.
> :>
> --
> Peace, Ariel

The final portion of my original question, is really the most important - are 
hardware specifications/documentation available or are they considered

This issue alone is paramount since it substantially affects the "effort"
necessary to port.


- Alan Hoyt -

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