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To: Linux SGI <>
Subject: GDB
From: Ulf Carlsson <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 16:47:06 -0500
Mail-followup-to: Linux SGI <>

I'm having some problems with gdb for mips. I can't examine core files since gdb
itself dumps core files when I try start gdb (gdb nsgsml core). Are there other
ways to check where a program crashes (except for printf()s)? It isn't possible
to run nsgsml in gdb either, or at least it doesn't provide the information I

It's also tricky to debug where gdb fails because it just dumps another core
when I try to debug the core file gdb dumps :)

By the way, I have received a new Indy from SGI (that's why I'm back in action).
But the monitor was not working so I had to take the machine to the support
center in Sweden, which I did last Friday. They replaced the monitor so
everything works fine now. Thanks Nancy!

FYI I've fixed /dev/graphics now (thanks for making it a module at first place
Alex!). The code was really broken. I'll commit that stuff sometime when I don't
experience too much CVS problems.. (CVS is really bad from here..)

I've applied for being an X developer now as well (X was the real reason for
fixing /dev/graphics). Maybe I can remove the abscence of X servers if it's so
easy to port the IBM8514 driver as everyone says it is.

- Ulf

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