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From: Tom Woelfel <>
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 13:47:03 +0100

on the last weekend I've started to install linux on my good ol' Indy
(System: IP22; Processor: 100MHz R4000, with FPU). After setting up
bootp/tftp and creating a file-system I was finally ready to boot linux 
over the network. After loading the kernel the system is giving me
these messages:

>> boot bootp()/vmlinux
73264+592+11520+331680+27848d+3628+5792 entry: 0x8df9a960
Setting $netaddres to (from server deadmoon)
Obtaining /vmlinux from server deadmoon

Cannot load bootp()/vmlinux
Illegal f_magic number 0x7f45, expected MIPSELMAGIC or MIPSEBMAGIC.

Exception: <vector=UTLB MISS>
....<More Information>.....

Then a message that <return> is rebooting the system appears at the
bottom of the screen.

On server deadmoon I can see:

bootp():vendor magic field is
bootp():sending reply..


I have tried this with the vmlinuv that comes with hardhat, and with
several newer (prebuild) kernels (2.1.131, 990212). The result was
always the same. I guess that this has something todo with magic
numbers ? Is there anyone out there who has seen this before?

(System Configuration: Server running kernel 2.2.2 - connected with
internal net via 10Mbit-Hub).

Any hints welcome,

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