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Re: booting linux on a Challenge S

To: Nico Halpern <>
Subject: Re: booting linux on a Challenge S
From: Richard Hartensveld <>
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 00:59:55 +0100
References: <>
Nico Halpern wrote:

> Scenario:
>         I managed to install the rh-5.1 tarball on a Challenge S. Since I have
> a single disk drive on the machine, I installed linux on a '/' filesystem that
> takes up most of the disk (sda1). I no longer have IRIX on the machine, and I
> would like to boot linux. I have tried the following:
> boot -f vmlinux (error message: file not found... how can I tell the prom to
> boot linux??)

You cannot, because you don't have irix anymore you have no place to store the
kernel locally. At least noton a partition that can be read from the prom.

> boot bootp():/vmlinux root=/dev/sda1 init=/bin/sh .. Machine loads kernel, and
> stops after the 'Warning: cannot open an initial console'. Theoretically I
> _could_ fix this problem by creating the correct entry with mknod. The catch
> 22 is that I cannot access the hard drive because I have no console.. any
> suggestions?

You can also edit /etc/securetty  in the setup-1.9.1-2.noarch.rpm from the
hardhat distribution and add
some secure tty's (ttyp1, ttyp2, etc.) so you can telnet in to your machine as

> oh-- I almost forget. This machine is completely headless, if that makes a
> diference. Also, what it the status of the sound drivers? I have not seen any
> docs on this... maybe I am just looking in all the wrong places.

Euhm, sound drivers on a machine that does not have a sound processor? :)


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