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A few(bunch? :) of questions.

Subject: A few(bunch? :) of questions.
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 05:12:04 -0500
I've managed to grab myself a Challenge-S and have been playing with it and 

I've gotten hardhat installed by grabbing the latest kernel image from the 
test directory.
Everything is running nice, but now that it's alive, I have a few questions.

First, has the swap problem been worked out of the latest kernels? (be hard to 
put the beast to work with no swap)

My console doesn't work, the log shows lots of getty HANGUP signals and then 
init stopping the process.

I'd like to compile a kernel that's configured for what I'm running(no hanging 
around waiting for Bootp to time out and such) Where can I get the latest 
kernel source? (base 2.2.1 blows up impressivly when trying to compile :)

Related to the above:  How do I get support for the second ethernet and all 
the other SCSI adapters?

Is there anyway I can dump the Irix drive?  As it is now, the 1 Gig drive is 
used to hold vmlinux, that's it. Is milo something that works?

I've managed to get Vnc working on the unit, so I can so virtual X stuff, very 
cool and fun. (wasn't a bad compile, just a few things to adjust)

I think that covers it for now, the Challenge is a fun toy, and under 
unixbench comes out close to my P120 Laptop.
(I can post the results if anyone's interested)


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