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Re: able to bootp/NFS-install/reboot R4400SC Indy

To: Eric Melville <>
Subject: Re: able to bootp/NFS-install/reboot R4400SC Indy
From: "Mark A. Zottola" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 20:23:48 -0600
Cc:, SGI Linux <>
References: <> <> <>
Actually we are running into the same problem as we attempt to port Linux to the
Indigo2. Does anyone know where we can get the list of errata for the R4400
revision 6.0? That info is not currently available upon SGI's web pages... Any
pointers to this information (or a copy of same) would be greatly appreciated!


Eric Melville wrote:

> does your hinv say R4400 revision 6.0? if so, let me know which kernel
> you've booted, because i havn't found any that don't hang during boot :(
> -E
> > I got my 200MHz R4400 working too. Yes it actually boots. I guess you guys
> > weren't making all this stuff up after all.

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