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Re: problem booting sgi linux

To: Thomas Bogendoerfer <>
Subject: Re: problem booting sgi linux
From: Eric Melville <>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 04:38:50 -0800
Organization: iLL
References: <> <>
hinv of my indy:

Iris Audio Processor: version A2 revision 4.1.0
1 200 MHZ IP22 Processor
FPU: MIPS R4010 Floating Point Chip Revision: 0.0
CPU: MIPS R4400 Processor Chip Revision: 6.0
On-board serial ports: 2
On-board bi-directional parallel port
Data cache size: 16 Kbytes
Instruction cache size: 16 Kbytes
Secondary unified instruction/data cache size: 1 Mbyte
Main memory size: 64 Mbytes
Integral ISDN: Basic Rate Interface unit 0, revision 1.0
Integral Ethernet: ec0, version 1
Integral SCSI controller 0: version WD33C93B, revision D
Disk drive: unit 2 on SCSI controller 0
Disk drive: unit 1 on SCSI controller 0
Graphics board: Indy 24-bit
Vino video: unit 0, revision 0, IndyCam not connected

any ideas as to why every kernel i've tried hangs when it tries to free
unused kernel memory? thanks...


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