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serial console cable specs

Subject: serial console cable specs
From: Mike Shaver <>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 13:17:37 -0500
Organization: Just Another Snake Cult
I have a DIN<->DB9 adaptor and a DB9 cable, but Something Isn't Right.

I have it set to 9600 N81, and I set console to d2, and I can see the
system menu when the machine boots.  But I can't type anything at it. 
This is making it quite difficult to do anything with my machine, so I'm
going to go get another cable.

What does this cable need to be?  Do I need a NULL-modem thing?  How can
I be 100% sure that a cable I purchase will let my Indy experience the
joys or serial consoling?

And, in the meantime, how can I force my Indy back to console=g?


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