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FORTRAN Compoiler

To: SGI Linux Group <>
Subject: FORTRAN Compoiler
From: "Mark A. Zottola" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 11:43:03 -0600
I am leading the effort to build a Beowulf cluster out of Indigo2's on
the UAB campus. My student Andrew posted our intentions to this list a
few days ago. While we are in the process of getting started in the
porting process, I would like to do some benchmarking on the System we
currently have. Therefore I need a compiler (or much less optimally -
compilers) which run on MIPS architecture and can be used both with
LINUX and IRIX. A tall order to be sure. I really do NOT want to use the
gnu f77 compiler (and I do not know whether it will work on IRIX or

I realize this is slightly off topic (ok greatly off topic), but any
hints would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Mark A. Zottola                       Alabama Research and Education
119 Rust Research Center              Nichols Research Corporation
University of Alabama-Birmingham      VOICE:  (205) 934-3893
Birmingham, AL  35294                 EMAIL:

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