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Re: Precompiled 2.1.131 binaries.

To: Alex deVries <>
Subject: Re: Precompiled 2.1.131 binaries.
From: Chad Carlin <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 17:33:02 -0600 (CST)
Cc: SGI Linux <>
In-reply-to: <>
Hello All,

Well, I gave the new kernel a try. Now I have new problems and an interesting 
note. The problem is this. "Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= 
option to kernel" 

I am following the instructions that call for using "./mke2fs drive" and 
using "boot vmlinux root=/dev/sdb3" to boot the kernel. Are these the correct 
ones or is the bootp server the better way to go? 

In either case I actually tried it the other way (nfsroot=) as well. No 
work-worky that way either. I also tried combining the methods too. Like 
getting the kernel via bootp and setting root=/dev/sda1 (linux disk is scsi 
id 1 and irix is 3). Tried getting the kernel from the local efs fs and 
getting root via nfs from my regular irix Indy. Tried old kernel again too. 

Also note: With the previous kernel I was getting boot information through 
the console port of the indy with nothing being displayed on the gfx monitor. 
Now I only get the "130768+22320+3184+341792+48560d+4604+6816 entry: 
0x8bfa60d0" on the console and the rest on the gfx display.

1) Is anyone else using an R4400?
2) Does "VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly" mean that I guessed 
  the correct disk partition to use?
3) What does init= mean in "Kernel panic: No init found.  Try passing 
  init= option to kernel"?
4) This seems to suggest that the tty0 and tty1 have been discovered OK:
        SGI Zilog8530 serial driver version 1.00
        tty00 at 0xbfbd9838 (irq = 21) is a Zilog8530
        tty01 at 0xbfbd9830 (irq = 21) is a Zilog8530
 Why then would I get this error message?
        Warning: unable to open an initial console

5) Could someone point me to where I can browse the source for this indy kernel?

All responses appreciated. Even if it's just a "There but for the grace 
of God go I" or "Better you than me".


            Chad Carlin                          Special Systems
            Silicon Graphics Inc.                   972.205.5911 
            Pager 888.754.1597          VMail 800.414.7994 X5344
         "flying through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy"

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