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Subject: indigo2
From: "Andrew R. Baker" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:15:25 -0600 (CST)
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This is a somewhat official announcement about work being done to port
Linux to the Indigo2.  

Here at UAB, we have received a grant from SGI to implement a Beowulf
cluster out of a group of Indigo2 machines.  As part of this project, we
will be porting the Linux kernel to the Indigo2.  The current status of
the project is that we are unpacking boxes and setting up the systems.
We received a collection of Indigo2 High Impacts, Extremes, and XZs, all
with (2) 2Gig drives and 128MB RAM.  The people involved with this project
here at UAB are myself (a graduate student and campus network analyst),
Mark Zottola (Adjunctssociate Professor of Computer Science and
supercomputer analyst), and Bob Hyatt (Associate Professor of Computer

Any information people have collected that may help us in this effort
would be much appreciated.  And I'm sure you all will be hearing more from
us in the future.

Andrew and Mark 

(hehe I'm special so my name came first....)

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