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Re: Installing Linux on Indy

To: Dave Olson <>
Subject: Re: Installing Linux on Indy
From: Eric Kimminau <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 13:43:56 -0500
Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc
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Dave Olson wrote:
> Tom Woelfel wrote:
> |  I don't want to buy the very expensive IRIX (I would be glad to get
> |  IRIX5.3 without spending a trillion bucks). And so the important
> |  question again: Is it possible (will it be possible) to install Linux
> |  on an Indy without Irix?
> Not to cause a flame war, but $600 US isn't all that much (I realize
> that for somebody who has paid $1000 or less for a used system it can
> seem like a lot).

Actually, I have been doing a bit of digging for someone else. I don't sell
support for SGI, I give support for SGI. That is what I am paid for. Please
don't flame me if any of this turns out to be false. I am only trying to help.
None of what is written here is legally binding in any way, shape or form. The
prices for SGI system and software support that you get for your system is
between you and your SGI support contracts representative. All prices are in
US dollars. It may be differnt elsewhere.

1) There is currently a promotion running to purchase IRIX 6.5 IF you have at
least a Software only support contract. The promotional price is for $165.00
per seat. This promotion ends in a relatively short time. No official end date
has been given for the promotion. It was supposed to end 12/31/98 but it has
been extended "until further notice".

2) I am awaiting confirmation that you can purchase 1 month of software
support. For a 133Mhz R4600 Indy this costs ~$45.00 a month (based on your
system configuration). 

3) The real question is whether you can purchase 1 month of OSCare support and
then get the promotional 6.5 price. If you can, getting IRIX 6.5.x plus a
month of support for $210.00 is a steal. 

4) This is significantly less than "a trillion bucks".

If you are interested in exploring this for your own machine, contact a
contracts representive in your local SGI sales office. Your mileage may vary.
Locations of SGI sales offices may be found my looking on


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