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Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 19:29:16 -0600 (CST)
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The current mainstream memory offering is 70n/s and we are at 50n/s.  The 
memory is not proprietary - any manufacturer could buy it if their system could 
drive it fast enough! 

            Chad Carlin                 
            Silicon Graphics Inc.               


On Tue, 19 Jan 1999, dmanddmer wrote:

->Btw, I heard a rumor that the memory in the VPC is custom or unique
->memory.  Is this true?  How much of the VPC, besides the obvious, is not
->industry standard?  If SGI is attempting solely to require customers to
->be able to buy any upgrades ONLY from SGI, then SGI has shot itself in
->the foot again.  It did not work for Apple, it didn't work for Unisys,
->it didn't work for Intergraph.  In short, it hasn't worked for anyone.
->David M.
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On Jan 19,  5:21am, dmanddmer wrote:
> Subject: Re:
> Personally, since SGI made the questionable decision to port to NT, I
> wish they would commit to AMD's processors instead of Intels.

SGI couldn't.  SGI had to replace so much of the IA/440xx chipset that there
had to be a prettty big agreement with Intel covering a lot of issues,
machines, processors, and markets to allow SGI to, for example, implement
the frontside bus in their own chipset.  Don't forget all those Co'op
marketing dollars too. -dong ^dong -dong ^^dong

> Porting to NT alone is probably not enough to save the company.  It
> didn't work for Intergraph.

Yeah, but Intergraph is lame so they had that working against them too. :)

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