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Installing Linux on Indy

To: Linux SGI <>
Subject: Installing Linux on Indy
From: "Trevor Jennings" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 09:11:05 -0500

 Well, I am new to this mailing list and am thinking of installing Linux on
my trusty old Indy and was wondering if there was in fact any other way of
installing the hardhat release instead of having another linux box to boot
from?  I was thinking of downloading the release onto jaz disk and
installing it from there, is that possible? I believe it is great that there
is a linux port happening for the SGI, especially since I use the computer
for home use and spending $600 for a newer Irix (I'm using 5.3) just isnt
worth it. Plux the fact the it seems the Indy is getting more popular as a
second hand machine and its good to have an alternative OS running on it.
Not that there is nothing wrong with Irix, in fact its great!! Just that its
so expensive to upgrade! Another reason for installing Linux too is that
from using Linux for several years now, I'd like to contribute software to
the linux community.


 - Trevor

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