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Visual PC Linux

Subject: Visual PC Linux
From: "Fredrik Rovik" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 06:06:21 PST

Ok.. this has nothing to do with linux on the earlier known "SGI"
but, only on the new box. The VisualPC.
I've read about it..and, seen a few shots from people using it..
it looks pretty damn impressive for that price!
Only thing, I refuse to use Windows NT.
Does anyone there know wether or not there's people working
on getting linux to run properly on it. That means,
hopefully SVGALIB, X, OpenGL.. most importantly OpenGL ;)

Since this is the linux/sgi mailinglist I were hoping
someone here knew about this.
Maybe someone working at sgi reads this and take a hint. ;)

Thanx for all information.


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