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To: Alex deVries <>
Subject: Re:
From: Eric Kimminau <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 13:28:07 -0500
Cc: SGI Linux <>
Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc
References: <>
Alex deVries wrote:
> I don't mean to seem like a bother, but what is the deal with
> We really need that machine for development.  I think
> it's been a week now.
> If SGI isn't going to be able to support that service, that's fine.  Could
> you let us know so we can make other arrangements?
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> Alex deVries, puffin on LinuxNet.
> I know exactly what I want in life.

Im probably poking my nose in where Im not needed but Im digging in to see if
I can find the problem. 


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