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Re: Status

Subject: Re: Status
From: "William J. Earl" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 18:32:31 -0800
Cc: Greg Chesson <>, Alex deVries <>, Ariel Faigon <>, Fredrik Rovik <>,
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Sender: writes:
 > > What we need to do is make it easy for Linux to determine what
 > > chipsets are attached to the cpu.  Bill Earl might have some 
 > > straightforward
 > > answers.  I'm in favor of simply publishing the relevant sections
 > > of Irix bootstrap code.  Perhaps Santa Claus can make a code drop this 
 > > year.
 > Isn't that ``Full House'' vs. ``Guiness''?  Linux knows that difference since
 > it is running on the Indy.

       The basic difference is between "FullHouse" (Indigo2) and "Guinness"
(Indy).  Beyond that, there are smaller differences between Indy and Challenge 
Challenge S does have an extra SCSI channel, but the configuration is not
identical to Indigo2.  (I will look into that later.)

      I am still working on an agreement to release more technical information
about a variety of our systems.  

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