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Re: Hard Hat Linux (fwd)

To: (Joseph Michaud)
Subject: Re: Hard Hat Linux (fwd)
From: (Ariel Faigon)
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 15:25:19 -0800 (PST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Joseph Michaud" at Dec 13, 98 07:58:29 pm
Organization: Silicon Graphics Inc.
Reply-to: (Ariel Faigon)
[FYI, regarding that request to erase the "Hard Hat"
words from -- Ariel]

The suggestion by Joe to check
proved to be pretty helpful, thanks.

A search revealed no less than 22 parties claiming
"Hard Hat" as a registered trade mark in various
variations.  I wrote back to Mr Hilarius (tm of Monty
as Greg suggested :-) telling him that I couldn't verify
his claim in this database (and what I found instead)
and asked for more details.

I also mentioned that AFAIK "Linux" is a trademark
of Linus Torvalds and asked whether he can prove
that he got permission from Linus to use the TM
in his claimed TM: "Hard Hat Linux".

That said, I made it clear that it is not our intention
to infringe on anyone trademarks, and if he could only
answer my questions in a satisfactory way, We'd be
glad to change our web page.

He had several days to respond, but I haven't heard
from him since... Will let you know if he ever does.

Peace, Ariel

:On Dec 13,  2:53am, Ariel Faigon wrote:
:> I'm not sure if I should feel amused or saddened by this
:> email.  I'm not a lawyer, just curious of what would you
:> be doing in reponse.
:> Note that:
:>      The facts this email presents are inaccurate:
:>      1) We don't have any "product" on
:>         just a free source distribution.
:>      2) His claim is ignoring the fact that "Linux" is
:>         a trademark of Linus Torvalds which may invalidate
:>         any claim to its derivatives by another party.
:>      3) We use "Hard Hat 5.1" as a humorous way to say
:>         it is somewhat unstable release of Red Hat 5.1
:>         in a casual way in one title.
:>      4) We never use the term "Hard Hat Linux".
:> I guess the question is whether our very innocent and casual
:> use of the phrase "Hard Hat" in one web page and without any
:> product connotation constitutes trademark infringement.
:> Forwarded message:
:> :From  Sat Dec 12 12:23:42 1998
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:> :Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 13:23:36 -0700
:> :To:
:> :From: Maurice Hilarius <>
:> :Subject: Hard Hat Linux
:> :Cc:
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:> :Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
:> :
:> :Good day Gentlemen.
:> :
:> :One of our customers pointed us to your webpage:
:> :
:> :
:> :We wish to inform you that the names "Hard Hat" and "Hard Hat Linux" are
:> :copyrighted names and registered trademarks of Hard Data Ltd., Of Edmonton,
:> :Alberta, Canada.
:> :
:> :We ask that you please use another name for your project, as we can not
:> :permit this use of the brand name and trademark "Hard Hat Linux".
:> :We suspect that this usage was probably not designed to harm our tradmark,
:> :but we still can not permit it to be used, especially without our express
:> :permission.
:> :
:> :If there are any questions please contact Maurice Hilarius of Hard Data
:> :Ltd. at the address and/or telphone numbers listed in the signature (below).
:> :
:> :Seasons Greetings.
:> :
:> :Best regards,
:> :
:> :  Maurice W. Hilarius                   Telephone: 01-403-414-9319
:> :  Hard Data Ltd.                      **FAX:       01-403-456-1510
:> :  11060 - 166 Avenue          
:> :  Edmonton, AB, Canada  - T5X 1Y3
:> :  
:> :
:> -- 
:> Peace, Ariel
:>-- End of excerpt from Ariel Faigon
:Joseph Michaud                Silicon Graphics - Applications Consulting       x483-2255                   (978) 562-4800

Peace, Ariel

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