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Re: Linux on an SGI Challenge L

To: (Steven G. Parker)
Subject: Re: Linux on an SGI Challenge L
From: (Dave Olson)
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 08:21:47 -0800 (PST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Steven G. Parker" at "Dec 10, 98 08:59:11 am"
Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc. Mt. View, CA
Steven G. Parker wrote: 
|  On Dec 10,  4:36pm, wrote:
|  > > Anyone care to make any comments on porting Linux to an SGI Challenge L
|  > > machine w/ (4) R4400 processors?  Am I crazy to even attempt this?
|  >
|  > You're not crazy, after all Linux is already running on bigger iron and
|  > about to run on Sun's E10000.  However you should checkout again what
|  > hardware you actually have on your system.  A Challenge L is mostly like
|  > an Indy (which is supported), that is strictly uniprocessor.  So
|  > your system either is not a multiprocessor system or not a Challenge L.
|  Actually, the Indy system is a Challenge S.  The Indigo^2 system is
|  a Challenge M.   The Challenge L is the desk-side system and can indeed
|  support multiple processors.
|  I can only comment on the model line - not on whether you are crazy or not :)

The hardware is radically different.  The only shared item is the cpu,
and even it's used in a fairly different way.  indy w/o graphics as
challenge S, etc. is strictly a marketing idea.

It's clearly doable, but you need a whole new set of hardware specs.

Dave Olson, Silicon Graphics

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