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To: "" <>
Subject: GNU/Hurd
From: "Torbjörn Gannholm" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 09:06:48 +0100
Have you ever considered the GNU/Hurd for SGI? It has some good points:
1) It is designed to be 100% reentrant from scratch and is also heavily
2) Basic kernel is minuscule.
3) Added functionality (files, memory, authorization, scheduling, etc)
comes from "servers" which can be replaced at will or even have
different ones running at the same time. The point is you can easily
have a mix of proprietary/freeware/own-design for different
functionalities. Different tasks with conflicting interests could run
against different servers and, above all, totally ignore unused servers.

4) According to the developers it is extremely stable, errors never
resulting in anything worse than an interruptible hang.

A possible minus is the message-passing between the servers which might
be time-consuming.

Still, my feeling is that this could be a real winner on flexibility and
performance. Any comments?


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