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help offered

To: "" <>
Subject: help offered
From: "Torbjörn Gannholm" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 13:27:53 +0100
First my apologies for asking questions you all know the answer to:
What kind of SGI-machines does Linux currently work on?
In what areas does IRIX6.5 have a significant edge over Linux

We really want to put Linux on _everything_ we've got, from PI's to
O2000 (we might also keep a PowerSeries380 for fun), as well as on suns
and pcs. It would make everything a lot simpler to administrate, plus if
we're not happy we can try to hack something.

If necessary for performance, we can keep IRIX on the numbercrunchers,
and, if that's not a performance problem, use gcc/egcs and glibc. Same
questions for these contra Irix Development Kit as above.

I have my employer's blessing to put time into porting and/or
development of Linux/gcc/glibc for SGI-machines if someone just points
me in the right direction.
I have solid programming experience, I have dabbled a bit in sysadmin
and am a quick learner (I have at times written useful code in unknown
languages from examples), but haven't been this deep in before.


This message is a personal message from Torbjörn Gannholm
and does not necessarily represent the opinion of my employer.

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