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Re: Halloween doc II

To: Ariel Faigon <>
Subject: Re: Halloween doc II
From: willwork4play <>
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 20:07:31 -0600
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Forget VC++.  Borlands integrated debugger and compiler are the only way
to go!

David M.
First time to post to this list.  Do I get a tootsie roll?

Ariel Faigon wrote:
> Hi,
> A second "what is Linux and how to combat it" document
> just came out the Microsoft leak factory:
> It is a followup doc to the infamous "Halloween Doc"
> (now renamed "Halloween I").   It was leaked by an MS
> employee as a reaction to the recent publicity for
> Halloween-I.  It adds the threat of Linux as a client
> and gives a very positive evaluation of Linux (coming
> from within MS, this is telling).
> It concludes again, with the sinister suggestions to
> "de-commoditize" open protocols, plus (surprise) ways
> to attack Linux via litigation (if you can't beat them
> on merit, there are always the nukes, Bill).
>                 ---
> There's specific interest to this community: David Miller
> and Miguel de Icaza are both mentioned and their SPARC
> comparison docs are linked from this document.  No doubt,
> the MS guys did a great research job.
> There's a lot the Linux community learn from this document.
> Just read the "what's missing in Linux compared to NT"
> part and make sure it is implemented. It doesn't appear
> too hard.  Some points which are definitely geared towards
> the non sophisticated users include:
>         1) Automounting a floppy/CD when it is inserted
>            (BTW: IRIX mediad has been doing this for quite a while)
>         2) Simpler installation: e.g. rather than asking 30
>            questions, provide a menu like:
>                 1) Express install: don't ask me anything,
>                    just go ahead and fill my disk.
>                 2) Pick and chose: let me select
>                 ...
>         3) XFree86 installation: don't ask me what chipset I have
>            and what's the scan rates etc.  Instead have an internal
>            mapping table between well known brand names (e.g. ATI Mach64)
>            and the details of the card.  People usually know the latter
>            (what's written on the box, but rarely the former)
>         4) Simpler Network config:  DHCP client installed by default
>            Again saving complex questions to the simple user
>         5) Of course, a coherent consistent GUI to manage everything
>            from HW devices to access to files etc.  Those who need
>            the simplicity, will never be willing to do command line
>            stuff.
>         6) Development tools like VB/VC++ :-)
> Someone forward this to Red Hat / Gnome and the XFree86 teams ...
> --
> Peace, Ariel

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