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Re: Halloween doc II

Subject: Re: Halloween doc II
From: (Alan Cox)
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 22:18:34 +0000 (GMT)
In-reply-to: <> from "Ariel Faigon" at Nov 5, 98 12:53:04 pm
>       1) Automounting a floppy/CD when it is inserted
>          (BTW: IRIX mediad has been doing this for quite a while)

Yeah we looked at it, and decided it sucked somewhat. Stephen Tweedie
has a slightly different scheme where you can even be sat in a directory
on a changable volume when itchanges and all is fine - its called

>       2) Simpler installation: e.g. rather than asking 30
>          questions, provide a menu like:
>               1) Express install: don't ask me anything,
>                  just go ahead and fill my disk.
>               2) Pick and chose: let me select
>               ...

Thats occured a lot

>       3) XFree86 installation: don't ask me what chipset I have
>          and what's the scan rates etc.  Instead have an internal
>          mapping table between well known brand names (e.g. ATI Mach64)
>          and the details of the card.  People usually know the latter
>          (what's written on the box, but rarely the former)

Current installers from RH and I think SuSE ask no questions for PCI
installs barring optional monitor abiklity ones 

>       4) Simpler Network config:  DHCP client installed by default
>          Again saving complex questions to the simple user


>       5) Of course, a coherent consistent GUI to manage everything
>          from HW devices to access to files etc.  Those who need
>          the simplicity, will never be willing to do command line
>          stuff.

Have a look at linuxconf, it works, it does the job. The gui just needs a 
major rethink

>       6) Development tools like VB/VC++ :-)

Cygnus GNUPro ;)

> Someone forward this to Red Hat / Gnome and the XFree86 teams ...

We've all seen it. 


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