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HAL2 interrupt

Subject: HAL2 interrupt
From: Ulf Carlsson <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 00:59:01 +0100

I mailed you a few days ago, maybe that mail got dropped somewhere or maybe you
were to busy too read, anyhow ..

Now I'm asking again, do you know which interrupt number I should request for
the PBUS DMA:s. I can't handle the interrupts correctly without the knowledge of
interrupt numbers, and I'm afraid the spec didn't tell me anything about this
(atleast not the ones I've read). Also, is everything else I need for dealing
these interrupts ok (I haven't been able to check)? Maybe I could setup some
bogus irq detection stuff to figure this out on my own, but to save some bogus
programming I'm asking you instead.

It would be nice if you even explained *how* you know..

I think I'm pretty much done with a simple playback/recording driver now, still
untested though (probably +1000 serious bugs and race conditions, but I'll fix


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