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Re: boot problem for Indy

To: Arnaud Le Neel <>
Subject: Re: boot problem for Indy
From: Alex deVries <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 13:16:44 -0400 (EDT)
In-reply-to: <>
On Thu, 27 Aug 1998, Arnaud Le Neel wrote:
> >> boot -f bootp()
> Setting $netaddr to (for server
> Obtaining vmlinux from
> Cannot reload bootp()
> Illegal f_magik number 0x7f45, expected MIPSELMAGIC or MIPSEBMAGIC
> Unable to load bootp() execute format error
> PS: Here is the description of the Indy i want to boot Linux:
>       IP22 100MHz R4000 with FPU

Hm.  Sounds to me like a processor thing.  Could that be, Ralf?  I'm not
sure I've seen anyone try on an R4000 before, and if so, wha the
implications of are for its cache.

Either that, or somehow there's a bootloader issue.  I expect the MIPSEB
or MIPSEL Magic is part of the (ecoff?) header; perhaps the image you're
booting from or your version of ARC is somehow incorrect. Ralf?

- Alex

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