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Installing Rough Hat in South Simcoe County

Subject: Installing Rough Hat in South Simcoe County
From: Mike Hill <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 13:10:24 -0400
Finally[1] I've got my Indy connected to a Debian 2.0 pentium that has
the tarball of the dist formerly known as Hard Hat.

The kernel boots locally *and* with bootp, putting me into the installer
in either case.  According to the pc's syslog, the Indy successfully
nfsmounts the installfs directory.  After mounting /dev/sdb1 (without
checking), the installer fails with this:

        Fatal error opening RPM database (I pick "Ok")
        install exited abnormally...received signal 11

Is this a configuration problem, in which case I should continue to
pursue the perfect tftp config, or would it be simpler to finish the
process manually as others have done?



[1]  Recently moving to a country estate means my ISP is no longer a
local call.  I was able to download Hard Hat at the rate of about

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