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Re: Hangs

To: Ulf Carlsson <>
Subject: Re: Hangs
From: Thomas Bogendoerfer <>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 20:40:37 +0200
In-reply-to: <m0zBN6M-0009AHC@calypso.saturn>; from Ulf Carlsson on Tue, Aug 25, 1998 at 07:41:49PM +0200
References: <m0zBN6M-0009AHC@calypso.saturn>
On Tue, Aug 25, 1998 at 07:41:49PM +0200, Ulf Carlsson wrote:
> What a pleasure to write the first report of 2.1.116 :)
> Here are the two last lines of the boot sequence:
> IP Protocols: ICMP, UDP, TCP

For me 2.1.116 works out of the box on the Indy (R4600). Good work Ralf !
Only my Olli doesn't like the new kernel, but that's something I'll sort
out the next hours.


See, you not only have to be a good coder to create a system like Linux,
you have to be a sneaky bastard too ;-)
                   [Linus Torvalds in <4rikft$7g5@linux.cs.Helsinki.FI>]

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