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Re: Hard hat is no more...

Subject: Re: Hard hat is no more...
From: Brendan Black <>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 15:06:04 +1200
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Jeffrey Watts wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Aug 1998, Alex deVries wrote:
> > I've been informed by the powers that be that "Hard Hat" CDs are from now
> > on going to be called "Rough Cuts", sinc ethe original name is too close
> > to "Red Hat", and ldilutes the Red Hat trade mark.
> "Rough Cuts"?  Huh?  What is that supposed to mean?  I understood "Hard
> Hat" as a nice play off of "Red Hat", but "Rough Cuts" seems, well, dumb.
> "Rough Cuts Linux" doesn't sound right either.

ergh... nah 'Rough cuts' - I liked Blue Belt - or alternatively how about Blue
Suede Shoes?
heheh elvis linux ;)
Brendan Black - Network Engineer, Telecom Internet Services

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