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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Proof Linux not just for geeks & nerds from]
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 15:58:04 +0200
In-reply-to: <>; from Ariel Faigon on Mon, Jul 20, 1998 at 03:12:19PM -0700
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On Mon, Jul 20, 1998 at 03:12:19PM -0700, Ariel Faigon wrote:

> I'd say this flood of news from Oracle, Informix, Corel
> and Computer Associates, is a pretty significant change
> of attitude towards Linux.

It took a while to make even the paranoid or conservative thinking
especially in the managment to recognice the Linux market.  Just one example,
back in '95 Netscape refused to support Linux officially.  Linux and
Free Software in general are just way to different from everything that
is established in the software industry.

It looks to me that many still haven't recogniced that Free Software (free
in sense of liberty) like Linux didn't come to handcuff anybody to yet
another company's products.  So there is a low risk involved in letting
Linux become as important as desired.  Well, I lied.  Linux has
demonstrated to be sticky.  Recent research says Linux is the OS with
the highest degree of user satisfaction.

On the other side free software (free in sense of no cost) has shown to
have a strong capability to intrude into existing IT structures, something
that definately makes Linux sexy for some of managment types.


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