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MIPS kernel patch, source and binary rpms.

Subject: MIPS kernel patch, source and binary rpms.
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 17:58:32 +0200

I'm currently uploading a kernel patch which fixes the reported corruption
of rlogin and http sessions, source rpms of XFree, egcs, gcc and joe,
a big pile of big endian "mipseb" rpms and a small pile of little endian
"mipsel" and "noarch" rpms.

People with an account on can get the stuff from
~ralf/for-alex/, before we move them online for anonymous ftp on  During the next hours you'll also be able to get
them from via anon ftp.

Don't look to hard at the kernel patch, it's not nice at all to our
benchmarks but at least it is correct - I just didn't have more than a
couple of minutes to hack, compile and test it since Linux hacking has
lower priority than all my real live duties like job, uni etc. :-(

Happy hacking,


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