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Re: Linux/SGI and processor sets

To: "Stuart Herbert, GNQS Maintainer" <>,
Subject: Re: Linux/SGI and processor sets
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 03:54:23 +0200
In-reply-to: <000901bd9a2a$21972760$>; from Stuart Herbert, GNQS Maintainer on Wed, Jun 17, 1998 at 08:57:17PM +0100
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On Wed, Jun 17, 1998 at 08:57:17PM +0100, Stuart Herbert, GNQS Maintainer wrote:

> I've joined the Linux/SGI mailing list looking for (at first)
> information about a specific feature-set ... my apologies if I've come
> to the wrong place.

This is definately the right place.

> IRIX 5.x, and IRIX 6.0-6.3 provides support for 'processor sets'
> through the sysmp(2) system call, and the pset(1) binary.  This
> particular feature-set is popular amongst users of Generic NQS, a
> batch processing system I maintain.
> It's so popular, in fact, that there's been a lot of interest amongst
> my users in adding this feature-set to Linux.  It occurred to me that
> the Linux/SGI port *might* include adding this support to Linux.
> Is sysmp(2) and pset(1) on your TODO list?

We only support the uninteresting sysmp(2) operations MP_PGSIZE,
MP_NPROCS and MP_NAPROCS as part of the IRIX binary compatibility.

> If not, then I wrote a (crude - I'm not much of a kernel hacker) patch
> which implemented all the pset stuff for sysmp(2), and a basic pset(1)
> binary which may be of interest.  The patch is against an old 2.0
> kernel, and needs a small fix to actually work (I don't actually have
> a SMP box of my own).

We don't yet support SMP - nobody has so far provided a SMP machine to
me plus the hardware documentation.  However I think you might also
consult about sysmp(2) and pset(1) with the people from, the stuff is definately of interest to the
users of Alpha, i386 and Sparc systems on which SMP is supported.

Linux/MIPS is so far not yet a very widespread OS, but if you nevertheless
wish to port your code to Linux/MIPS, then I as one of the core
developers would like to offer you my support.  I'd also like to point
out that Linux/MIPS as far as technically possible is binary compatible
beyond the machines of just one manufacturer.


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