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Re: Finding used SGI boxes

Subject: Re: Finding used SGI boxes
From: "Michael W. Folsom" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 11:15:07 -0600
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Re: finding a used SGI system.  I realize that the origional
poster used the word *cheap* in the subject line but I've
never found any SGI box to be cheap.  Before anybody howls
I've got to stress that I'm a very, very big SGI fan.  I
currently own 3 of 'em myself.  But, as they say, you get
what you pay for and with SGI you get alot. So, you will
seldom if ever find a cheap SGI!

But, I digress.  Re: the sources for used SGI systems.  A
couple of people have already mentioned Reputable Systems,
their page is at:

They have an excellent reputation in the SGI community.  At
the end of their SGI equipment listing there is a group of
links to other SGI sites and the SGI FAQ.  One site that's
particularly execellent is the "This Old SGI" page at:    

(You don't know how many times I wished that there were
similar pages for older Sun, Dec, and HP equipment!  I've
just got hold of a DEC 5000/260 to play with the mips port
of Linux on and finding info on the box is very difficult!)

I should also mention Minicomputer Exchange.  I've dealt
with Chris Patterson several times and have no complaints -
he's always been pretty easy to work with.  He also seems to
know a lot about SGI's.  Their page is at:

And finally I shouldn't forget that if you're looking for
used SGI equipment lots of stuff shows up on the news groups
comp.sys.sgi.marketplace and

Be well,


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