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Re: Cheap used SGi boxes

To: Murray Stokely <>
Subject: Re: Cheap used SGi boxes
From: Brendan Black <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 11:10:31 +1200
Organization: Acess Denied...
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Murray Stokely wrote:
>   Does anyone know of a good source for old, used SGi systems?
> seems to be the best source I can find on the net
> for old Indigo II's and such but I can't find much older, cheaper, or
> more capable of running Linux.  I'd really prefer to have something
> better than 8bit graphics and I guess that limits my choices for
> low-end systems as well.  I didn't have much luck dealing with SGi
> people directly because they just kept trying to get me to buy a newer
> system.
> One system that caught my eye was this one :
> R4400 200MHz/1MB SC, XL, 64MB, 2GB, 17"                 $ 1,600 Ea.
> But last I checked I wouldn't be able to run Linux for quite a while.
>         - Murray

try also, I remembered seeing this one on the old SGI
documentation page at

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