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Re: Cheap used SGi boxes

To: Murray Stokely <>
Subject: Re: Cheap used SGi boxes
From: Eric Kimminau <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 17:17:56 -0400
Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc
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Murray Stokely wrote:
>   Does anyone know of a good source for old, used SGi systems?
> seems to be the best source I can find on the net
> for old Indigo II's and such but I can't find much older, cheaper, or
> more capable of running Linux.  I'd really prefer to have something
> better than 8bit graphics and I guess that limits my choices for
> low-end systems as well.  I didn't have much luck dealing with SGi
> people directly because they just kept trying to get me to buy a newer
> system.
> One system that caught my eye was this one :
> R4400 200MHz/1MB SC, XL, 64MB, 2GB, 17"                 $ 1,600 Ea.
> But last I checked I wouldn't be able to run Linux for quite a while.
>         - Murray

Go to and search for "Systems remarketing" - there
is also a link to their home page on The
":best" part about these systems is that if purchased today with any
kind of hardware support you would also be elegible for IRIX 6.54
upgrades when they become available in the next month or so.



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