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Account request.

To: SGI/Linux mailing list <>
Subject: Account request.
From: "Andrew O'Brien" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 19:55:37 +1000 (EST)
Sorry about the spam. I thought it'd have more chance of being acted upon
soon(ish) if I posted to the group.

I'm after an account on linus. I'm currently working on a port to a
specialised 4600 board developed here at the UNSW (actually I'm porting
linux to run on top of L4, a microkernel, running on this board)

I attempted to access the cvs tree with user: cvs, password:cvs and then
found that cvs was not accessable this way. Poking back through the mail
archive (thanks Ariel - its at for
those of you wondering) I found that it's only available via ssh.

Therefore, an account would be nice as mirroring via ftp is not really
that productive ;)

I seem to remember there being problems with the cvs-commit mailing list -
if this is fixed could someone add me (or let me know what the address
is for the majordomo server) to that as well ? 

My thanks to you all.

BTW - if anyone is interested in local OS stuff, have a look at the

UNSW Mungi Project (Mungi is a 64bit SASOS and the final target of my

MIPS L4 developed here: (not much here but a short talk
on the general design goals of the Linux on L4 port)

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\  BE (Comp)/BA (Psych)      Student Representative   stu-reps@cse..  /
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