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Re: gcc RPM missing crtbegin.o

Subject: Re: gcc RPM missing crtbegin.o
From: Alex deVries <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 00:34:54 -0400 (EDT)
Cc: SGI Linux <>
In-reply-to: <>
On Sun, 26 Apr 1998 wrote:
> > I do have a problem that just came up.  Here it is, hand typed.  I was
> > doing a lot of work on sdc, which is an external 3GB drive that I know
> > works well.  It hasn't reported any problems in e2fsck.  There was a lot
> > of activity when this happened:
> Did you already fsck the filesystems running .91?  The corruption in the
> older kernels was happening silently, so the boot fsck may have been skipped
> even though the fs was corrupted.

Yup, I've had this problem twice now, both with .91. I'm pretty sure I can
reproduce it (but not until I'm at my desk tomorrow, since I need to hit
the little thumbtack to reboot it.  I still think SGI should have shipped
the Indys with thumbtacks.)

> > $0 : 00000000 1000fc00 00001000 ffffffe0
> > $4 : 00000020 00000000 1000fc00 00000001
> > $8 : 1000fc00 1000001f 00000000 00000007
> > $12: 40000000 8bf50020 1000fc00 00000001
> > $16: 00000000 00001000 abf56020 8bf53800
> > $20: 00000002 bfbc0003 1fffffff bfb90000
> > $24: 00000002 0fb6f710 
> > $28: 00008000 08009d28 8bf57e70 080f3b5c
>                                   ^^^^^^^^
> > epc   :88020fc0
>          ^^^^^^^^
> tell me where these two addresses are pointing to?  Just send me twenty
> lines or so around the addresses.  (In general that's the right thing to
> do when the machine bombs with a register dump.)
> (Also I'm pretty shure that you misstyped $28 and $29 or something really
> bad happend.)

Uh, there was nothing at 080f3b5c or nearby, so I'm pretty sure that that
was misttyped as 880f3b5c.  Here are both:

88020f44 <r4k_dma_cache_wback_inv_pc>:
88020f44:       3c028814        lui     $v0,0x8814
88020f48:       8c425564        lw      $v0,21860($v0)
88020f4c:       27bdffe0        addiu   $sp,$sp,-32
88020f50:       afb00010        sw      $s0,16($sp)
88020f54:       00808021        move    $s0,$a0
88020f58:       afb10014        sw      $s1,20($sp)
88020f5c:       00a08821        move    $s1,$a1
88020f60:       0222102b        sltu    $v0,$s1,$v0
88020f64:       14400007        bnez    $v0,88020f84 
88020f68:       afbf0018        sw      $ra,24($sp)
88020f6c:       3c028817        lui     $v0,0x8817
88020f70:       8c42fab4        lw      $v0,-1356($v0)
88020f74:       0040f809        jalr    $v0
88020f78:       00000000        nop
88020f7c:       0a0083f7        j       88020fdc <r4k_dma_cache_wback_inv_pc+98>
88020f80:       00000000        nop
88020f84:       40066000        mfc0    $a2,$12
88020f88:       34c10001        ori     $at,$a2,0x1
88020f8c:       38210001        xori    $at,$at,0x1
88020f90:       40816000        mtc0    $at,$12
88020fa0:       3c02a000        lui     $v0,0xa000
88020fa4:       3c048814        lui     $a0,0x8814
88020fa8:       8c84556c        lw      $a0,21868($a0)
88020fac:       8c420000        lw      $v0,0($v0)
88020fb0:       02111021        addu    $v0,$s0,$s1
88020fb4:       00041823        negu    $v1,$a0
88020fb8:       02032824        and     $a1,$s0,$v1
88020fbc:       00431024        and     $v0,$v0,$v1
88020fc0:       bcb50000        cache   0x15,0($a1)
88020fc4:       14a2fffe        bne     $a1,$v0,88020fc0 
88020fc8:       00a42821        addu    $a1,$a1,$a0
88020fcc:       40866000        mtc0    $a2,$12
88020fdc:       3c028813        lui     $v0,0x8813
88020fe0:       8c423d90        lw      $v0,15760($v0)
88020fe4:       02002021        move    $a0,$s0
88020fe8:       8c420008        lw      $v0,8($v0)
88020fec:       0040f809        jalr    $v0
88020ff0:       02202821        move    $a1,$s1
88020ff4:       8fbf0018        lw      $ra,24($sp)
88020ff8:       8fb10014        lw      $s1,20($sp)
88020ffc:       8fb00010        lw      $s0,16($sp)

880f3b00:       afb00018        sw      $s0,24($sp)
880f3b04:       afa50014        sw      $a1,20($sp)
880f3b08:       8e620000        lw      $v0,0($s3)
880f3b0c:       8c52008c        lw      $s2,140($v0)
880f3b10:       8c550074        lw      $s5,116($v0)
880f3b14:       ac45007c        sw      $a1,124($v0)
880f3b18:       9663007e        lhu     $v1,126($s3)
880f3b1c:       8c57004c        lw      $s7,76($v0)
880f3b20:       10600027        beqz    $v1,880f3bc0 <dma_setup+ec>
880f3b24:       245e0070        addiu   $s8,$v0,112
880f3b28:       00008821        move    $s1,$zero
880f3b2c:       8e6400ec        lw      $a0,236($s3)
880f3b30:       2462ffff        addiu   $v0,$v1,-1
880f3b34:       04400018        bltz    $v0,880f3b98 <dma_setup+c4>
880f3b38:       0000a021        move    $s4,$zero
880f3b3c:       3c161fff        lui     $s6,0x1fff
880f3b40:       36d6ffff        ori     $s6,$s6,0xffff
880f3b44:       00808021        move    $s0,$a0
880f3b48:       8e040000        lw      $a0,0($s0)
880f3b4c:       3c028817        lui     $v0,0x8817
880f3b50:       8c42fac0        lw      $v0,-1344($v0)
880f3b54:       0040f809        jalr    $v0
880f3b58:       24051000        li      $a1,4096
880f3b5c:       8e020000        lw      $v0,0($s0)
880f3b60:       00561024        and     $v0,$v0,$s6
880f3b64:       ae420000        sw      $v0,0($s2)
880f3b68:       8e020008        lw      $v0,8($s0)
880f3b6c:       26940001        addiu   $s4,$s4,1
880f3b70:       30423fff        andi    $v0,$v0,0x3fff
880f3b74:       ae420004        sw      $v0,4($s2)
880f3b78:       8e030008        lw      $v1,8($s0)
880f3b7c:       26100010        addiu   $s0,$s0,16
880f3b80:       26520010        addiu   $s2,$s2,16
880f3b84:       9662007e        lhu     $v0,126($s3)
880f3b88:       2442ffff        addiu   $v0,$v0,-1
880f3b8c:       0054102a        slt     $v0,$v0,$s4
880f3b90:       1040ffed        beqz    $v0,880f3b48 <dma_setup+74>
880f3b94:       02238821        addu    $s1,$s1,$v1
880f3b98:       24020012        li      $v0,18
880f3b9c:       afd10020        sw      $s1,32($s8)

> When did the kernel bomb?  During boot or?  What activity was going on
> at the time when it happend?

This was well after the boot.  The first time it happened, I was
installing a lot of .src.rpms onto sdc while I was compiling on sdc.  The
second time (after e2fsck'ing sda1 (1GB) and scd (3GB), which takes like
30 mins), I was just compiling by building RPMs.

- Alex

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