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Re: serial console

To: "William J. Earl" <>
Subject: Re: serial console
From: Dong Liu <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 18:53:46 -0500
In-reply-to: <>
References: <199804021731.TAA00404@calypso.saturn> <> <> <> <> <>
William J. Earl writes:
 > writes:
 >  > On Thu, Apr 02, 1998 at 03:06:21PM -0500, Dong Liu wrote:
 >  > 
 >  > > Ok, I got a serial cable , connect it, type "nvram console d", now I
 >  > > can boot irix from a serial terminal, but for linux, the message
 >  > > didn't come out, maybe all the serial parameters are not set right.
 >  > 
 >  > Linux doesn't accept the value ``dd'' for the console variable.  If you
 >  > try, Linux should complain about the setting and enter the interactive
 >  > firmware mode again.  Could you try setting console to either d1 or d2
 >  > according to the serial line you're using?
 >      For reduced user confusion, accepting "console=d" as an alias
 > for "console=d1" might reduce user confusion.

Yes, but from arch/mips/sgi/setup.c

        ctype = prom_getenv("console");
        serial_console = 0;
        if(*ctype == 'd') {
                        serial_console = 1;
                        serial_console = 2;
                if(!serial_console) {
                        prom_printf("Weird console env setting %s\n", ctype);
                        prom_printf("Press a key to reboot.\n");

It got it the wrong serial_console, "d2" means serial port 1, "d"
means serial port 2.

Any way, I think I found out why serial port doesn't work, con_init()
call rs_cons_hook() before rs_init got called. 

But now I got another problem, I got the patch from, using the same .config file from the
same ftp site, I got

Exception: <vector=UTLB Miss>
Status register: 0x30044803<CU1,CU0,CH,IM7,IM4,IPL=???,MODE=KERNEL,EXL,IE>
Cause register: 0x8008<CE=0,IP8,EXC=RMISS>
Exception PC: 0x880ec7f0, Exception RA: 0x880f0294
exception, bad address: 0x0
Local I/O interrupt register 1: 0x80 <VR/GIO2>
  Saved user regs in hex (&gpda 0xa8740e08, &_regs 0xa8741008):
  arg: 0 8bfffcae 8bfffc24 88107498
  tmp: e 8813e5bc a 8811216c 100000 88100000 0 48
  sve: 88121228 2 8813e570 4 4 1 88121220 9fc47a40
  t8 48 t9 bfbd9833 at 4f v0 1 v1 88107498 k1 bad11bad
  gp 8bf70000 fp 9fc47bac sp 8bfff840 ra 880f0294

PANIC: Unexpected exception

[Press reset or ENTER to restart.]

So I can't compile the kernel my self:=(.


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