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Re: compile problem with kernel

To: Oliver Frommel <>
Subject: Re: compile problem with kernel
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:49:48 +0200
Cc: Ulf Carlsson <>,
In-reply-to: <>; from Oliver Frommel on Tue, Mar 31, 1998 at 09:32:33AM +0200
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On Tue, Mar 31, 1998 at 09:32:33AM +0200, Oliver Frommel wrote:

> I am currently trying to rebuild recent binutils and gcc with host=x86 and
> target=mips-linux. So far I've built binutils-2.8.1 with the patch from 
> applied but I have some problems building gcc. I have two questions regarding 
> the setup of the crosscompilation environment:
> 1. is gas supposed to be part of the binutils package,


> of the gcc package or
>  is it a package on its own? I've built gas from the binutils dist and put it
>  into the binutils.rpm now while I found it in gcc-xcompile...2.7.2-3.rpm
>  on ..

> 2. which compiler source & patches am i supposed to use?

Binutils 2.7-4 and newer are ok for kernels; userland needs 2.8.1-1 or
newer or building certain shared libs will fail.

GCC 2.7.2-7 is ok.  Btw, you only need to apply one of these patches;
none of my binutils or gcc patches was meant to be applied incrementally.

>  gcc-2.7.2 with patches 2.7.2-6 and 2.7.2-7 from applied, but I am not
>  sure if those are meant to be used with a native mips-linux host & target.
>  Anyway I am getting this error when I try to compile gcc now:

You can build both native and crosscompilers from the same source.  That's
the beauty of GCC.


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