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Subject: Boot
From: Olivier Galibert <>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 15:54:58 +0100
Within  a timeline of   around one month,   I'll probably  be  able to
install a linux  on an external drive  on an indy  I use. I won't have
the possibility to boot through bootp/tfpd. I use irix 6.2 (i.e. xfs).

So the first thing I'll have to do, it seems, is either:
- give  the kernel the possibility  to boot on  one  disk and find its
  files  on another, and  then  put the linux kernel   on the xfs root
- find a way to boot on an ext2fs partition

The  nicest way would be  the second one,  of course. I'm ready to try
and code for that but I'd like to know:
- if the current kernel would be able to handle that
- if someone has tools format a disk in ext2fs under irix and transfer
  files on it
- if someone has an idea  on how to  have the prom  boot on an  ext2fs

I don't consider reprogramming the prom a viable option.

Any reading recommendation for the meantime is welcome too :-)


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